About us

Azienda Agricola La Meria is located in Località Meleta - Roccatederighi, in Roccastrada in the province of Grosseto.

Very soon we will open our new business dedicated to the world of bees, beekeeping and apitherapy and to the cultivation of saffron in the green hills of the Alta Maremma. 

The company was founded on our love for bees, which are of great importance to the ecosystem. The products we produce and offer through direct sales and at the refreshment and tasting area, are all natural and made with passion.

We welcome anyone who comes to visit us, from the cyclist passing through to the family who cares about natural food. We have a large car park available so you can spend time in the open air

We offer our customers the opportunity to improve their health with apitherapy treatments and the chance to get to know the wonderful world of bees through guided tours for school groups, groups, families and individuals.


area with good, 

natural and zero-km products.

Car park available.

Many types of home-produced honey 

from the classic 1000 flowers to lime and chestnut

honey and much more!

We organise guided tours and beekeeping treatments in our BeeSalus Apiary, a specially built wooden structure.


  • BeeSalus
    bee therapy

    In the BeeSalus wellness house you can experience beekeeping. Learn about the healing properties of the buzzing bees and the scents released by the hives

  • Guided tours
    of the apiary

    We organise guided tours of the BeeSalus by appointment, which are unique and safe experiences designed to introduce you to the beautiful world of bees.

  • Refreshment

    With our agri-restaurant we offer catering, breakfasts, snacks, aperitifs and tastings. Ample parking is available if you want to spend some time in the open air.

  • Sale and tasting
    of products

    We produce, offer for sale and tasting honey and many other products related to the world of bees which high quality, natural, zero-km products.

Our honey is like the Tower of Babel ...

When you taste it you reach the sky.

Discover the laboratory!

  • AGRIRISTORO e BEESALUS: Località Meleta SP 1927 Roccatederighi - ROCCASTRADA
  • lameriaiori@gmail....
  • 331 1325619
  • 338 1997952

  • ORARI:
    Chiuso: lunedi
    dal martedì alla Domenica dalle 9,00 alle 12,00 e dalle 16,30 alle 23,00
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